Cultivating layers of experience toward a healthy individuality

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Self improvement can take on different forms


Answering your creative call is one of them. Whether it’s a desire for change and growth, or connecting to a clearer sense of purpose that gives meaning to our lives, a calling is a strong impulse that requires action.

Taking a step forward past your comfort zone and into the unknown, will take you on a journey of self discovery. It requires motivation, courage and curiosity since at this stage we are often faced with various fears, limiting mindsets and bad habits that don't serve us.

The journey explores who we are in the creative process


The KMCC method uses small steps to reshape thinking, habits and actions over a realistic period of time and help us overcome fears that often manifest as overwhelm, procrastination, negative self talk, perfectionism, lack of satisfaction, boredom and doubts in the creative process.

One on one sessions are done online and composed of real time conversations. They may be non-linear and intuitive and include creative experiences, actual steps and guided relaxations resulting in spontaneous discoveries that help in generating more momentum, flow and joyful living by overcoming resistance.

Embracing the spirit of lifelong learning

Both personal and professional development require an ongoing process of voluntary learning. Creativity, for example, has been widely promoted as an important component of a 21st century skill set.

Some of the benefits include:








How to start?

Small step: